PPC, Display Advertising & Video Advertising Creative Ideas

PPC provides huge opportunity for the businesses. Display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. Consumers exposed to display ads are, on average, 155% more likely to search for brand- and segment-specific terms.

Why PPC: 98% of searchers choose a business that is on page 1 of the results they get. For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page. 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.

PPC Advertising with creative ads can increase your online sale, leads & brand value.

Video Stat: 47% of the value in a video campaign was delivered in the first three seconds, while up to 74% of the value was delivered in the first ten.

  • 32% of small businesses invest in social media marketing.
  • 25% of small businesses invest in online marketing.

Display Stat:

The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06%

Facebook advertising customers shows that across sectors clickthrough rates (CTRs) vary from around 0.5% through to 1.6%.

Twitter Ads CTR is between 1-3, higher than FB.

Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert.

How we can create Creative and Compelling Display & Video Ads:

From the stats its clear that we can add great value through PPC.

  • Plays on Words
  • Use Local intents in ths Ads
  • Re-target potential audience
  • Live on Facebook
  • Sometime be funny
  • Use current happenings in your ads


Branding Ideas :

Be Authentic
Create Brand Videos
Market to Your Customers
Ensure that your brand values includes credibility


Interactive Youtube Ads Example:

Boursin VR Campaign: Boursin® Sensorium 360 Virtual Reality Experience


Dove – Evolution Commercial



PPC Expert

PPC Expert

SEO Company Delhi

SEO Company Delhi

SEO Company India

SEO Company India

SEO Expert


Marketing and Creative Solutions Manager Google Sales & Account Management

Gurugram, India

Job: Businesses that partner with Google come in all shapes, sizes and market caps, and no one Google advertising solution works for all. Your knowledge of online media combined with your communication skills and analytical abilities shapes how new and existing business grow. Using your influencing and relationship-building skills, you provide Google-caliber client service, research and market analysis. You anticipate how decisions are made, persistently explore and uncover the business needs of Google’s key clients and understand how our range of product offerings can grow their business. Working with them, you set the vision and the strategy for how their advertising can reach thousands of users.

The Marketing & Creative Solutions team inspires, consults, mentors and partners closely with our major advertisers and agencies to help them develop digital solutions, in-house capabilities and creative excellence across Google’s products. We are in a unique and exciting position to not just deliver 1:1 consultations, but inspire and shape how the marketing and creative business ecosystem evolves for the digital age, driving thought leadership externally and inspiring brand managers and creatives at many public forums.

You will work across advertiser brand management teams, creative and media agencies – transferring our in-house creative intelligence, into the ecosystem so that they can build the most impactful creative assets and approach on digital.

Building this creative intelligence, requires us to constantly experiment, track, analyze and develop creative experiments internally.

On this this team, you will bring the best of Google across Search, YouTube, Maps, Programmatic and Cloud together for our partners and help them unlock new and unique possibilities. We work closely with our internal analytics, sales and product teams to stitch this together. This starts with you having the deepest insights on the brand and the consumers in that category.

Our Large Customer Sales teams partner closely with many of the world’s biggest advertisers and agencies to develop digital solutions that build strong businesses and brands. We enjoy a bird’s eye view on the massive transformation occurring as advertising shifts to mobile and online platforms. We’re uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow their businesses in the digital age. We advise clients on Google’s broad range of products across search, video and mobile to help them connect instantly and seamlessly with their audiences.


  • Drive creative infused advertiser solutions and consequently in-quarter upper-funnel business growth pipeline in collaboration with LCS teams. This could be via inspire, mentor or 1:1 consults.
  • Develop relationships to serve as a trusted partner with our top advertiser CXOs, brand teams, and a select set of media and creative agency partners ensuring they are equipped to craft the right approach and assets for using Google platforms.
  • Drive the development of newer creative intelligence, by identifying hypotheses, running experiments and building scalable narratives. Deliver this to the ecosystem to drive thought leadership, platform share and product attach in marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure end-to-end solutions delivery managing operations across internal teams while creating new consumer experience opportunities for brands using our core tech on Cloud, Android, Chrome, etc.
  • Structure and execute programs to inspire and equip the creative ecosystem along with Google marketing and events teams. Lead the transformation on digital creative, data and AI based marketing.


Minimum qualifications:

  • 8 years of consumer brand or product marketing experience for an offline brand followed by a digital first brand.
  • Experience in creative agency management and the creative development process, creative research, media planning and measurement.
  • Experience in crafting, planning and executing a digital marketing campaign from creative brief to post analysis.
  • Experience at a creative agency.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Industry recognition.
  • Ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks swiftly, and follow through with team members to achieve group and individual goals.
  • Creative yet structured thinking, both on your feet.
  • Flexible, proactive, thrives in ambiguity, entrepreneurial, responsible, creative.
  • Knowledge of the branding and creative ecosystem, culture and language.
  • Strong consultative skills, great public speaking and facilitation skills with a recognized industry reputation in marketing forums with the ability to effortlessly build relationships internally and externally.

Video Marketing

Cisco believes that by 2020 video traffic will account for 82 percent of all internet traffic.

According to research compiled by Twitter, live streaming an event increases brand favorability by 63 percent.

Interesting Stats:

Having a video on a landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on page 1 of the SERP.

Video Creation Tools:

Video Marketing Tools:

YouTube SEO tool:


Lighting tools:

LimoStudio video lighting kit.

Editing Tools:

Adobe Spark 

Rocketium: allows you to format your videos not only for use on YouTube but also Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Annotation creation : YouTube’s video manager dashboard.

Live Streaming:

Facebook Live




Twitter Periscope

In this new era of content marketing, the consumer is in love with video that’s live, interactive and authentic.

Plan for increasing your viewership:

  • Create a promotion calendar of at least 10 days before your broadcast
  • Choose your Facebook Live topic
  • Broadcast live on your page for at least 30 minutes. Facebook will share longer, quality videos in the news feed more often
  • Share links to your email signup form during the broadcast